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Rent Adjustment Program: 

The City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) was established in 1980 and functions as a mechanism for fostering healthy relationships between property owners and tenants, being an arbiter between property owners and tenants allows us to promote better housing and housing investment in the City Oakland. 

We redesigned the City's online RAP portal in early 2017 to improve transparency, foster trust in the process, and to make it more accessible, by taking a user first approach.


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Healthy Housing Initiative

Oakland Healthy Housing initiative is part of Oakland’s proposed proactive rental inspection program. With the overwhelming amount of blight complaints, health risks induced by older housing stock, and recent fires in Oakland, the City is taking measures to ensure the safety of its residents in their homes.

Oakland Healthy Housing is a program designed with the understanding that staying and thriving in our town involves going beyond basic habitability to safe housing for all regardless of one's ability to maintain it.

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Financial Empowerment Projects:

This project focuses on drawing strength from the city’s proud, diverse identity to ensure housing and economic security for all Oaklanders.

CDL embarked on a series of strategic partnership with a number of City's various programs that are collectively working to enable all residents to be economically secure, accrue wealth, and achieve their full potential, regardless of race or status. In supporting the City's mission to build a model for responsible economic growth and business attraction, CDL is also committed to building economic security, especially for those whom have thus far lacked access to equitable opportunity.