Empowering the local government to solve 21st century challenges. 


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Supporting the City staff and local community through design innovation.


Rent Adjustment Program

Being an arbiter between property owners and renters allows CDL to promote better housing and housing investment in the City of Oakland.


Financial Empowerment 

Using the CDL Process to draw strengths from the city’s proud, diverse identity to ensure economic security for all Oaklanders. 


Healthy Housing

Testing the feasibility of Oakland’s proactive rental inspection program and proposed ordinance to ensure the safety of residents in their homes.


Redesigning Summer Youth Jobs

Working with the public sector and community organizations to close the gap on financial empowerment opportunities for underserved youth.


Today’s Youth.
Tomorrow’s Leaders.

The Civic Design Lab's take on Oakland's financial empowerment looks at the City's strategies for supporting Oakland's most underserved communities by building their financial capabilities from birth to college. 


Quarterly Report

Dedicated to change.

See our progress and the impact we have made in our Quarterly Report. 


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